2017 Top eGifting List

2017 Top eGifting List
Top eGift List

I’m no Oprah, but I have a Holiday List that includes some of my favorite gifts you can find online. I’ve gathered a collection including something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. And, yes… you can use viigii to send any of these gifts last minute!

But first, a note about last minute shopping, because let’s be honest, we all fall victim to needing a last minute gift now and then, especially this time of year….

Last Minute Gifting

Whether we accidentally forgot that one person, or just waited a little too late to start shopping, viigii makes it easy to get those last minute or spur of the moment “thinking of you” gifts done the right way, the virtual way, while the gift is on its way. It’s an easy way to say right now “I’m thinking of you,” because you matter to me.

Best of all, you can schedule when the virtual gifting announcement gets sent. It’s the perfect partner for some of those items that might be on backorder or take longer to get to the recipient than you’d like, which we all know frequently happens this time of year. It can also save you some money from having the item overnighted or the need to use expedited shipping (extra bonus).

So here we go… My something special for everyone list for the 2017 eGifting Holiday Season.

Beautiful Stationery

Beautiful quality stationery is a “must have.” Even millennial should have their own tucked away somewhere for that special day. Given as gift, it’s always appreciated. Anyone with a pulse would love to receive a thoughtful note on stationery. Personalized stationery is at the top of the gifting chain. I believe it represents thoughtfulness and care in this fast-paced digital world. You can’t go wrong at It Gift NYC. Order ahead of time…don’t be that guy. View this gift >>

HI Vase

Heima Market offers quality at its finest Nordic essence-modern style. The whimsical “HI” vase just makes me smile every time! It makes me go out and get flowers and share the happiness! It comes in gold as well… so very sleek! It should be called the HELLOOOO vase. View this gift >>

Pom Pom Fur Knitted Beanie Hat

If this isn’t the most adorable baby beanie fur pom pom hat for those cold winter day, I don’t know what is. View this gift >>

Custom Sneakers

I always love it when people ask “Where did you get that?”

Well, have fun gifting this! Unique personalized sneakers for the kid in you or ok… your kid, too! You can choose from a large selection of fun colors and unique designs. Show your kid you are their biggest fan! Walk the walk! View this gift >>

Mugs of Endearment

Be remembered every sip of the way. Whether it’s inspirational or sarcastic, let the cup say it all. What’s it like to be thought of every day by a loved one or coworker? It will happen every time they reach for their cup. I love being thought of daily. View this gift >>

Sweet Things

These sweet treats are the perfect candies to have for the Holiday Season- How can you go wrong? You can’t. Surgarwish Gifts are always the perfect bite-size indulgences everyone loves a little taste of sweetness right out of a cute branded box. The packaging is so attractive and the treats will be fun to eat. A perfect “thank you for a great evening” gift as well. Just viigii it on the car ride home. View this gift >>

Assorted Nut Gifts

Ok, now if we are talking “healthy snacks.” This Go Nuts Premium basket is delicious- it’s an energy basket on steroids. Goji, spicy, sweet, Hawaiian garlic, sesame… Do I need to go on? There is something for everyone in this basket. Surely creating guilt-free happiness for the holidays can be an enjoyable task. l ’m a nut for nuts… they keep me going when I just can’t find the time to sit properly and eat perfectly. It’s the perfect no-brainer gift! OMG! Unless you have a nut allergy! View this gift >>

The Best Coffee Ever

Okay, hands down… The. Best. Coffee. Ever. The highest quality –while sipping a fresh brew read about their story! You will want to share with everyone. Send a gift of exquisite savory coffee and some espresso candies and the receiver will appreciate you with every sip and bite. View this gift >>

Beard and Skin Care Kit

Send this to your little hairy friend. Give them the best shot possible of controlling and taming their prickly tentacles or “facial art work.” Be the one to introduce them to these quality products. I get it. Expression is everything… no judgment let’s just help them keep their expressive qualities looking attractive. View this gift >>

Flower Child Soap

The best natural handmade soaps –Pure deliciousness and made with love. I can’t get enough. There is nothing like a big bar of freshly made soap. Give one there are so many choices. It is always a hit gift! The package of 3 big bars are the BEST! View this gift >>


Gifts for the Heart

Gifting is about finding that item that says “this made me think of you”. Remember when you’re online looking for gifts. It’s not about how much you spend it’s about finding something that says, “you’re important to me.”

– This blog post was written by Lori Konsker, Creator of the viigii eGifting app, lover of gifting, and unique finds